Crowdfunding was a success! What’s next?

112 supporters, 10729€ raised!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help and support. We deeply appreciate your trust in us!

Thanks to you, we will now be able to finish producing the 4th episode “Bitter Chocolate” and progress in the production of the 5th episode “Threat on Champagne”.

We hope you’ll like them.

Regarding the rewards, we’ll send them to you as soon as they’re ready.

Thanks again and see you soon for some new adventures!

The whole XIWEN games team and all the Gourmet Quest characters :)


The Gourmet Quest Family
Alexandre M.
Game designer interested in EVERYTHING, literally.
Alexandre S.
Sir Alex, CEO, is a kendoka from Japan, nor is he totally from the Berry (provincial France), but he’s very sharp.
Marketing manager, French-Belgian agent, the only one able to talk seriously about Belgian humour... Unless it is the other way around.
Trainee developer, very very expensive to feed.
Abstract developer that a little ping fills with joy!
Developer on wheels who is definitely somehow related to Vincent; and this means everything.
Multicultural community manager, who hasn’t found yet how to tweet her bursts of laughter.
Chilled out 3D CG artist who has one specialty: camembert with chocolate cream on top of it (shocking, huh?).
3D CG artist, she won't hesitate to paint you in your true colors! Hush... Don't tell anyone, she could be offended.
Production manager, a bon vivant who has the warm accent of the South West of France, and also the temper.
Competent webmaster only Schopenhauer can cheer up.